SQL Server 2008 Installation/Uninstallation Torture

So yesterday I needed to install SQL Server 2008 on the Lenovo issued to me by my employer. No big deal, right? I have the developer version DVD, so I stuck it in the drive, decided to install everything, and away I went. Or not.

For some as-yet unexplained reason I kept getting an error, which, apparently, isn't at all uncommon for people trying to install SQL Server 2008. The error reads something like this:

    An arithmetic error resulted in an overflow.

Before we continue, let me set the stage a bit. There are several factors involved that should be called out clearly before proceeding:



This is the first post in the New web-relevant.com.

Gone is the old stuff... here's the new. Yay! Let there be rejoicing and dancing in the streets! I have a bunch more setup and configuration and stuff to do, but I'll be getting everything set up right before you know it.

I'm back. Feels good. ;)


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