Excellent explanation of heap/non-heap I've seen

So this morning while I waited for a Subversion update to complete (large repos across VPN suck by the way), I was cruising the JavaDocs for the javax and java.lang packages. Why? Cuz I'm a geek... dude, that should be obvious. HELLO!

Anyway, I was clicking here and clicking there and finding things generally interesting... when I suddenly found myself reading the description of a class very thoroughly. Why? Because (as the title may have betrayed) it was the one of the more enlightening, most concise explanation of heap space, non-heap space and garbage collection I've read... to date. And I've been at this for a while now.

Ironic, to find something like that hidden in the JavaDocs for java.lang.MemoryMXBean of all places.

Here's the link. Give it a read and let me know what you think...


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